Skateboards have been around for quite a while now with both kids and some adults enjoying the fun and freedom they deliver. What better way than to add motors to them.

There are many types of electric skateboards available these days, and many companies are developing new and innovative technologies to the same idea which is having your skateboard driven by motors.

Let us look at a few innovations for the electric skateboard and what mechanisms they use.

Types of boards

Electrically driven skateboards come in various models. Some have four wheels while others have two and sometimes even one.

The longboards are the more popular ones, but the newer two and one wheel versions are gaining traction.

Electric longboards

These look similar to the regular longboard, but they have an electric motor built into them. The latest ones are produced by various top brands and include in-wheel motors with new technologies like generating electricity while braking.

You will find many designs that are suitable for smooth surface and some that can even be used on rougher roads.

Two-wheeled boards

These are sometimes called hoverboards and have two wheels and a platform where you stand. It is controlled entirely by the body, and if you lean forward, it will start moving or backward if you want to stop.

Leaning to a side will allow you to turn. There are gyroscopes in these boards that help maintain balance and give stability.


Monowheel boards

These are not for the faint hearted as they will take some getting used to. The user stands on the sides of the wheel and uses their body to move.

They are rather flexible and can be maneuvered easily on.

The mechanics

All skateboards that are electrically powered require a few elements, and they include a motor or motors, a battery to power the motor, a controller and a method of braking.

Let’s look at these features individually.


Many electric boards use a motor with a belt and gears to power them. These are acceptable, but the external motor is quite susceptible to damage.

The latest innovation is in wheel motors that give the boards more maneuverability and control.


Electrically powered skateboards require a battery to run the motors (learn more).

It is usually housed inside the boards which is hollow or sometimes underneath the board.

However, having it exposed may cause damages so the models with a battery pack inside the board would work better.

These electrically powered models are rechargeable.


There are some models that you switch on, and the wheels start turning. These are a little tricky to control.

However, you do get electrical skateboards that come with a handheld controller that you use to accelerate or brake when required.


This is an important function in electrical skateboards. You must have a method to stop the board if you desire.

Electrically powered long boards can be stopped by using the controller which the two-wheel models can be stopped by simply leaning backward.


Whatever the model you use, you must be able to maintain your balance. Some models will have inbuilt gyroscopes to help you maintain your balance and not accelerate too fast.


Skateboards have come a long way, and with technology advancing at a rapid pace, we will see new developments for electrically powered models coming out all the time.

You too can now use them for both fun and as a means of transportation.