The Asus RGO Strix II & SCAR II Gaming Notebooks

Asus has launched a pair of new gaming notebooks check the price here in amazon RGO Strix II gaming notebooks. They have got the SCAR II aimed at semi-serious gamers who play FPS shooters and the HERO II aimed at MOBA players.

The Asus RGO Strix II & SCAR II Gaming Notebooks


They’re both 15.6 inch full HD laptops and come with the latest 8th gen quad core i5 or six core i7 processors, up to 32 gigs of RAM, and for storage both an SSD and a hard disk.

But most importantly, as for graphics, the SCAR will come with either a GTX 1060 or 1070 whereas the HERO II tops out with 1060.

What we really like about both of these laptops is their 144-Hz high refresh rate, which is up from 120-Hz gaming notebook of last year.

The displays are also a 100% sRGB colour accurate and have 3 millisecond response times. But it’s that 144-Hz refresh that makes everything feel so smooth whether you’re just on the desktop, you’re browsing the web or of course playing games and because the screens are 1080p rather than, say, 4K the GTX 1060 or 1070 graphics card is powerful enough to get you the higher FPS you need to really take advantage of it in games.

Asus has also equipped the new Strix II laptops with their new Hyper Cool Pro cooling system which should keep them running nice and cool during long gaming sessions, but that’s something I’ll test properly in my full review of the best gaming notebooks.

Refined Design

But while speed and performance are obviously the most important things when it comes to a gaming notebook it’s also great to see they’ve refined the design. Both laptops look much sleeker than before.

With thinner bezels they’ve trimmed them by over 2 cm as well as a new Aura Sync RGB LED strip on the front to go with the RGB logo on the back. Not everyone’s going to be a fan of all this lighting, all though you can customize it or even tone it off if you prefer, but we think it does make them stand out.

Visually the HERO and the SCAR are actually slightly different with the QWER keys highlighted on the MOBA centric HERO’s keyboard and the WASD keys for the FPS gamer on the SCAR, which also comes with a slightly different Kevlar metallic style finish on the case. They’re both an inch thick and weigh 2.4 kg or 5.3 pounds, so reasonably portable but a little heavier than, say, the MSI GF63 which was also announced.

So you get RGB backlit keys, faster WiFi thanks to the A2211 AC support, Bluetooth 5 and a solid range of ports. So whether you’re gaming or using this as a work station you’ve got pretty much everything you need. So there’s a lot to like here, but they’re not cheap.


The SCAR II starts at a whooping $2,000 whereas the HERO II starts at a slightly less eye watering $1,700. Fairly pricey then, but with 8th gen processors and high refresh rates, combined with much thinner bezels and an overall more modern look we still think the SCAR II and HERO II are tempting options.

Not everyone’s going to be a fan of all that RGB, they are very expensive and it does have some strong competition from the likes of the Helios 300 and 500 laptops as well as the MSI GF63 and Gigabyte Sabre 15.

It’s actually great to see so many good options in this upper mid range slightly more affordable gaming notebook space.

So first impressions are really good and we can’t wait to get them back to Fixunix to review them fully.

But what do you recon?

Would you buy one? and if so, would you go for the SCAR II or the HERO II?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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